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The Benefits of Energy Moves®

  • Receive what you want in life.
  • Claim your body as a tool for wellbeing.
  • Tend to your coordination, balance, & resilience.
  • Reacquaint yourself with the visionary you are.
  • Engage your 'imagination muscle.'
  • Heal through childlike wonder.
  • Become a conscious participant in your life's unfolding.
  • Unleash your infinite creative potential & ability.
  • Relax into your life working-out.
  • Reinvent yourself.
  • Play with the Universe.
  • Develop empowered thought and feeling.
  • Feel ALIVE!!!

To read a message from CJ and access sensual writings about Energy Moves intentions click here.

The Creation of Energy Moves®

CJ believes in the power and beauty of the human experience. Her philosophy is that energy is what we are and wants to move through the body we have. Choosing to pay attention while engaging the body with pleasant imagery, invites the high vibration energy we are into our physical world and leads the way into our authentic living.

CJ draws most notably from a multi-dimensional experience in 2007 and also from her experiences with Reconnective HealingĀ®, tai chi, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and philosophical studies. She bases Energy Moves on 'insights' that reflect our innate ability to connect with both the physical and the energetic, to connect the energetic with the physical, to know ourselves as whole now.

"I love to create moving meditation filled with imagery that affirms our deepest value and beauty, tapping into a heartfelt place that speaks in a language beyond words and goes straight to a feeling of wholeness.

"Increasing ones energy awareness through the body develops the perception of wholeness and that perception reveals creative potential. We're all in a constant energy exchange, internally and with the world around us. Energy Moves is a tool for becoming a more conscious participant in this process, leading ultimately to thinking and acting in ways that are nourishing rather than depleting to us. In the midst of a planetary awakening, it's vital that we exercise our creative potential. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world."

—CJ McPhee


"I feel fortunate to have found Energy Moves. CJ is a gifted teacher and coach. The addition of Energy Moves to her repertoire expands the possibilities of human connection and interaction with our higher 'selves.' From the start I found the fundamentals of Energy Moves highly instructive and immediately grounding. Being present and without trepidation is a novel concept these days and yet her words of support and guidance allowed me a window to a higher, protected and sacred place. The fact that her work is so immediately accessible gives great comfort to one who doesn't have much time to spare and little time to practice 'steps.' The variety of postures, whether sitting, standing or lying along with the network of energetic connections cultivated via the tenants of Energy Moves is an open invitation to all levels and abilities. This special work allows me to delve more deeply into the ineffable question of my life, my purpose and that often elusive state of personal freedom. CJ is a living example of her work and this is why, I believe, she will be successful and well met by all of us who have the same yearnings and desires for a fuller understanding of who 'I' am. It is timely that Energy Moves came into my life and I congratulate those who receive this gift as well. Enjoy!"

—Eric Zimmer