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Energy Moves®

Energy Moves is a healing art exercise that utilizes the language of imagery... to gently and playfully draw ATTENTION into and around the body. When we repeatedly slow down, relax, and pay attention to the body and the space around the body, we come to recognize and experience an ever-present ENERGY. Consciously focusing on that energy, from within our body, brings us into a state of allowing and our Perception EXPANDS. The habit of engaging in this body-energy relationship, invites our perception to align with our innate WHOLENESS. This class combines Energy Moves exercises with simplified Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

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What is Energy Moves®?

CJ will perform, speak and answer questions at your facility. Contact CJ at or call 503-758-9141.


"CJ's vivid, descriptive teaching style enables you to retain what you learn and put it into practice. Combining naturescape visualizations with body movements makes learning easy and fun for anyone who has ever swam in the sea or walked in the sun. CJ is clear enough and grounded enough to teach others how to circulate energy safely. I love it!"

—Rev. Liliana Barzola
Lotus Lantern Healing Arts


"The Energy Moves Workout is giving me a way to move safely and consciously as I'm recovering from abdominal surgery. CJ's presentation of imagery and movement allows me to easily concentrate and sense the energy in and around my body. It's fun!"

—Donna G.
Physical Therapist