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More About CJ McPhee

CJ McPhee is an inspirational writer, teacher, movement artist, and wellness practitioner. She draws most notably from a life changing multi-dimensional experience in January 2007 and also from her many experiences with tai chi, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and philosophical studies. She enjoys helping a wide spectrum of people recognize creative potential and value within the human experience.

She has introduced energy programs to people all over the United States through public television, DVDs, teacher trainings, and conferences. She is known for her clear teaching style and creative imagery.

Her most joyous creations include sensual poetry and short stories themed around evolving spiritually through the body. You can follow her at

CJ is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner®. Learn more about Reconnective Healing® and how to schedule an appointment with CJ.

Contact CJ McPhee at or call 503-758-9141.


"CJ is an extraordinary teacher. Her body, her words, and her intention are exceptionally clear and concise. CJ is also gifted in the language of imagery—such an important component of the work."

—Sue Brantley, Yoga & Pilates Instructor